Lamy 2000

2021-09-22 00:00

This was my first fancy fountain pen. I love it. This is most likely the single pen I have written the most with ever.

I have lost one of them, long story, but I lost a bunch of stuff when a winter coat was stolen from me in a pub years ago. Not sure if I was the most annoyed about losing the pen or walking for 20 minutes in a snow storm without a coat.

During the 2nd half of my bachelors degree this was the only pen I used; during the first half I only used the Retro 51 and Pilot Metropolitan.

The great thing about using the Lamy 2000 was that it never ran out of ink. It had enough ink capacity to last me a full 8-10 hours of lectures / studying with constant note taking or writing. And then I usually did a refill before leaving each morning.

The pen itself is an art icon, writes great and I never get tired of using it.

One note on the nib. It is hooded, and that can require some getting used to. It can feel a little scratchy until you get used to how to angle the it. But once you do it is a freaking awesome writer.

The thing about it is that it seems like there are a smaller angle where it writes well than other nibs I use.

This is also one of the few pens I own that starts writing immediately.

Why can’t they do more alternate designs of this pen? Like in different colours and more nib options.

I think it is a no brainer for me to recommend this pen to anyone. It is just a great writer. But it is a Lamy so it will be a wet writer, so that might not be your cop of tea. And as stated above, it might get some getting used to the nib.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes