OliBlock Oliclip

2023-12-11 00:00

These clips are really cool. I’ve been looking at them when buying other stuff for years and never bought them.

I finally got a pack of the small ones a while back, and they’re really cool.

They’re these plastic clips that fold into a clip that hold together by magnets. I use two of them in my Theme Journal to make it super easy to upen on the next journal page and my current daily themes page.

I’d check them out if you look for a solid and interesting take on bookmarks.

My sling stationery carry

2023-12-06 00:00

As mentioned in an earlier post, I use a sling. Often it is just thrown in another bag, or worn when I’m going into the car.

I usually have my wallet, keys, AirPods etc in it. Plus my pocket notebook of choice (Passport Travelers Notebook) plus 3+1 pens.

  • Kaweco Sports Brass EF
  • Kaweco Sports Aluminum EF
  • Ystudio brass w/FC EF steel nib
  • Gel Ink pen, currently a Zebra

The idea behind this carry is to have what I need to write on the go. Plus something that works as a backup at work and similar if I forget to bring pens.

Plus enough in capacity to not be in the remember to check the ink levels all the time” space.

Kaweco Brass Sport

2023-12-04 00:00

Not many minutes after I got my purple alu Kaweco Sports I knew I’d end up with the brass one fairly soon.

And not many weeks later I ordered this one. Also in EF.

They are very similar, this one is a bit heavier. Something I personally like. Also love how brass pens get hot as you write with them.

It looks great, and I know it will start to look cooler and cooler as it gets scratched up by being used over time.

This immediately became one of the three fountain pens I have in my sling. It is my Passport Travelers notebook plus this, the alu Sports and my brass Ystudio pen.

I usually have one of the Sports in the pen loop on it, and the other two in the pocket I have a tiny pocket knife and flashlight.

Until now I have mostly used cartridges with my Kaweco’s. Not sure if I’ll start using converters or not.

Bringing less stationery?

2023-11-30 00:00

Sometimes I’m this place where I’m bringing like 10 pens with me to work every single day. Plus too many notebooks etc

Recently I have felt like getting back into a place where it is more like two regular pens and two fountain pens; plus my two pocket notebook fountain pens just in case. And just the notebooks I need.

In general the stuff I always bring in addition to my pocket notebook is my two Hobonichi A5 notebooks, plus a Rhodia pad and sometimes my common place notebook. Plus sometimes my Theme Journal and 5 year journal when I don’t have time to fill them out the day before

Fuck. Multipens?!

2023-11-28 00:00

The moment I started to mess around with the multi pen that came with my 2024 Hobonichi was the moment that I knew this would become my next rabbit hole.

I just: Fuck. Multipens? Really?!

I guess there will be some gel ink based multi pen related stuff the next time I order something wrong JetPens.

Hobonichi rivet bands

2023-11-22 00:00

When I was ordering my Hobonichi I bought two of these rubber bands they had in the accessories section. They seemed like a less annoying solution to keeping my Hobonichi covers closed in bags without having to always stick a pen through both pen loops.

After a few weeks of use they absolutely are. They are also kind of large, so I can just also kind of use one of them to keep both of my Hobonichi notebooks closed.

Really awesome. Would prefer better packing cubes like products for carrying multiple notebooks though. |

Hobonichi multipen

2023-11-20 00:00

For everyone who orders their Hobonichi planners from the store are familiar with the multi pen you get with your order.

I’ve usually just thrown them out, because what am I going to do with that. But this year I gave it a spin.

It is some rebranded Uni rollerball multi pen. Not something I’m that excepted about per say. But I just went this would be nice if it was good gel ink refill. And I just fuck, is this what I’m going to start looking into now?!

Nothing wrong with the pen though, and a lot better than all of the multi pens my 3 year old daughter have insisted on getting when in various stores.

Lush Dive

2023-11-15 00:00

For the longest time I had to order everything pen and paper related that I liked from foreign sites. Typically US ones because it always ended up being cheaper or less complicated.

Then at some point Tudos showed up, and I slowly started to order most stuff from there as their offering expanded.

When I fucked up my Hobonichi order last month I discovered Lush Dive. And they have some of the same stuff and a bunch of other things I like. I’ll be checking them out some more moving forward.

Great to have more local ish options available.

IKEA tablet stand

2023-11-13 00:00

I got another stand from IKEA, this time it is the Vivalla.

Funny thing. This is marketed as a tablet stand, and it works as that, but it works way better as a book stand.

I got one for my home desk, originally to put my iPad in, but since that didn’t work that well I have a book or notebook in it. Most of the time it is my Hobonichi or my Bullet Journal.

I’d love to have a version of this that works with a bit thiccer books for the kitchen.

I can see myself getting more of these, and just having a bunch of notebook propped up open.

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