Stationery 🍕 pencil case

2022-08-11 00:00

When I got into pencils I used a lot of time looking for a good pencil case. And I hated most of them.

Either they were really expensive, didn't really look at that great or wasn't practical for what I wanted.

Then at some point put out this inexpensive but not cheap as in low quality pencil pouch that I fell in love with. I kind of regret not buying a few spare ones before them closing up shop.

It is just this fabric puch you can fit a lot of pencils in. I think it works great. And it it isn't so fancy that you feel bad about the pencils fucking up the inside.

I love mine.

In use

2022-08-09 00:00

At work:

  • Rhodia pads
  • Blackwing pencils
  • Zebra gel pens

Fountain pens

  • Pink TWSBI Eco with a EF nib
  • FC Pocket 66 with a EF nib
  • Ystudio brassing wit ha FC EF nib


  • Pocket: blank Field Notes in my Bellroy case
  • Long form writing: lined Leuchtturm1917 A5
  • Tasks and stuff: dot pads

Travelers notebook:

  • Common place notebook
  • A diary refill to do some high level task planning

Going to attempt at doing this kind of posts a few times a year. Or at least when I feel like things change.

Iroshizuku Take Sumi

2022-08-04 00:00

This was kind of the ink that started it all for me. Before this ink I just focused on black inks that dried really fast.

Then I got this one, and realized that inks that dried fast but not very fast still worked for me. And a few months later I had a handful of ink bottles and used the next 5 years not buying that much ink and using it all.

This is the black Iroshizuku ink.

I loved it so much. The bottl was so cool, and the ink looked so dark and black compared to the black inks I've used. Another thing I fell in love with was how much better the writing experience was.

I'm not sure what the correct wording for this is, but some inks feel more lubricated than others. It feels very smooth to write with, while others feel dryer. It is kind of like it feels wetter.

I still have a bottle of this ink. My second one. Black isn't something I use a lot, but sometimes I do. Index Cards

2022-08-02 00:00

I have tired getting into index cards multiple times over the years, and they just aren't my kind of thing. It all just ends up in a place where they are a thing that is better served by some kind of a notebook.

The ones used to make was really awesome though. The paper quality was amazing, and a lot of interesting formats.

I think they are the only ones I have tried out of many that actually worked well with fountain pens.

Hopefully someone else will pick up where Brad left things off and start making and innovating in Index Cards.

Robert Oster Direct Sun

2022-07-28 00:00

I used a very long time to pick this ink.

It all started when I decided I wanted a red ink. Then I started to look at Iroshizuku inks, and didn't find anything; or I can't remember if I didn\t find anything at all, anything that I liked in Stock at Tudos or anything i liked in general.

So I started to look at Rober Oster inks. And this lead to this insane cross referencing all the ink they had in stock versus the PDF color chart that Robert Oster has on their site. And I decided on Direct Sun.

I think it is a good color, but in retrospect I wish I had gone with a lighter and more vibrant color.

Other than that a great ink. I like the Robert Oster inks a lot. They are almost as good as Iroshizuku in terms of writing experience with a lot more color options.