Stationery 🍕

Paper for fountain pens

2022-05-24 00:00

How good a paper is for use with fountain pens depends. It is usually about how much ink it can take and how it dries. As in will it be obsorbed by the paper or kind of dry on top.

All of this is about aestethics and not always that practical. I usually aren’t into the “best” papers, because they are not practical for me to use because of how long my ink and pen combos of choice takes to dry on it.

If you don’t care too much about how your ink looks on the page. You can just go for really thick paper. It will dry fast and take most ink and nib combos. But purists will hate it for the “feathering”. Feathering is when the ink dries kind of like a feather. It is a sign of the paper soaking up the ink. This used to be my strategy for a long time.

These days I have moved to better papers. But I didn’t really enjoy that experience until my technique made it practical. But the more extreme everything dries on top like Tomoe River is still not something I enjoy.

How I use dotpads

2022-05-19 00:00

Rhodia dotpads have been my go to "working notebook" or "Bullet Journal". It is more the former at the moment. In the past I have used LT1917 dotgrid notebooks, but I recently moved to dotpads partly because they're much cheaper. And also the ability to rip out pages as I'm done with them is great.

What I use it for is to write lists for stuff I'm doing right now, to write drafts for lists of tasks I'm going to add to my to do system and capturing things.

Very useful to avoid context switching, if you have a messed up brain like mine. And I also use it a lot to plan stuff I later add to my task manager.

Fuck Noodler's Ink

2022-05-18 18:45

I decided to do something I almost never do where on Stationery 🍕, posting something right after I wrote it. My process on this site is a month long process from idea to paper draft to digital draft to a post scheduled in my CMS. I typically schedule posts 1-3 months before they are published.

What made me do this is because today’s Pen Addict Podcast episode talked about I care a lot about, and that is the problem with Noodlers Ink.

I have been boycotting them for years at this point. I’m not 100% sure for how long, but most likely since somewhere between 2015 and 2016. Just listen to the episode. But the short version is that Noodlers Ink continue to put out all kinds of hateful crap on their ink labels; all of it dumb; a lot of it ignorant and hateful.

Use your money to support good companies doing great stuff instead of hateful ones.

The Field Notes Box

2022-05-17 00:00

Field Notes has this wooden box that is perfect for storing Field Notes.

I’ve had one for years. For the longest time I used it to store every single Field Notes I’ve ever used. Until I filled it up, and then I threw it all out and started to store other stuff in it. These days I use it for various unused notebooks and pencils.

If you need something to store Field Notes or notebooks of the same size, I think it is awesome. Probably over priced. But still. It is a cool box.

If I had any interest in a Field Notes collection, this is what I’d use to store them.

Noodlers Bernanke Black

2022-05-12 00:00

This was the first ink bottle I bought.

It was great. The black was decent, and it dried fast. Something I cared a lot about when I started with fountain pens. The bottle was kind of cheap, but it worked well. And it was unexpensive.

Since then I have been made aware of Noodlers politics, and have sinced refused to consider any of his inks.