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Why aren't there more index cards?

2023-05-02 00:00

Sometimes I get the idea: maybe I should get some index cards?

But this whole segment of stationery is really strange. On one side you have all of this super cheap stuff, and on the other you some hilariously overpriced stuff.

In the old days I’d just order some from

These days I just end up not buying anything because it’s either not what I want, super expensive or from somewhere I usually don’t order from.

My task management system

2023-04-27 00:00

I recently wrote about how I’m back to bullet journaling, and I thought I’d write about the rest of my task management system.

It always changes to keep things working with my ADHD.

I’m going to break this into different areas, and then try to explain how it is tied together. Almost all of it has both analog and digital parts.

Starting off with calendars and capture next week and take one part of it after each other until I’m done.

Appreciation for the Theme System Journal

2023-04-25 09:00

As I continue to use the journals I have developed a great appreciation of how flexible the structure is.

When you move beyond defining your theme and start making your daily themes and filling out the journal pages you can kind of do what ever is the right for you.

Like the daily themes can mostly just be used to track habits. There are 15 days and 14 themes per spread. But I have used them in many different ways while using the system since I got the first one in December last year. Sometimes I track two things per row by filling in a half for each, but usually I fill half if I did some but not enough.

And the journal pages are the thing I think has an amazing amount of flexibility. You just have four boxes. Two medium, one large and one small. In the start I used the small ones to review the day first one for personal and the second of work or my daughter. But slowly moved to write a bit good or bad about some of the daily themes or theme goals.

In the large I just write down anything that is on my mind in relation to the theme goals or the daily theme. And the small one I just write down what should be the most important for the following day.

This is what I have found is good for me right now. But there isn’t really a manual or rule book for how to use them. And that is the great thing.

It is really hard to make something that is flexible like this.

Bullet Journaling again?

2023-04-20 00:00

I’ve been very overwhelmed lately. The regular ADHD crap. So I decided to get back to using a bullet journal.

I used to have an digital bullet journal, but it just became this huge thing with way too much stuff in it.

So I have moved my system back to how it used to be. A big electronic database with everything. Then a analog bullet journal that I move things into. Usually never more than 5-15 pages of stuff at a time.

When I work I do my usual trick of just writing down the 5 next things I’m going to do and working from that. I just use the bullet journal to have more like the focus for the next 3-4 hours, while the list I’m working from is usually more like the next 5-30 minutes.

Another thing I started doing with my bullet journaling is that when I transition stuff over, usually every 2-3 days, I fill the first page with the following: my theme, 5 things I’m focusing on and my 5 main goals at the moment. This have been very important to keep me grounded and on target.

Theme journal setup v2

2023-04-18 20:00

I started a subscription to around half way into the first one.

The way I use the system is that I set a theme for one notebook and then I adjust when I move over to a new one. From the first to the second one I changed the wording of the theme, but not much of the goals of it. Mostly to put an emphasis on sustainable change in my life.

The daily journal pages I mostly use the same way I have for a long time. I use the two smaller blocks at the top to mention the two most important things of the day, ideally connected to either the theme or any of the daily themes. Then I use the large block to write down bullet points about things that are on my mind related to the theme and daily themes.

And in the small at the botton I write down 1-3 main things for the next day.

The daily themes is something I change a lot. After each 15 day period I evaluate all of them and set a new set of 14 spread across a few key areas. There are always a few things that are changed, and some times I change most of them.

This system works great for me this far, and it makes it really easy to define what is the most important.

EF nib unit for my Vanishing Point

2023-04-13 00:00

I recently got an EF nib unit for my Vanishing Point.

The reason I got it was because I wanted something that was quick to get out and start writing with, that also would dry very fast to use in my bullet journal. And this nib unit more or less works perfectly for this. And I got to say that this width works way better than any of the broader versions of it I have used in the past. It never starts slow or anything like that. Something that always was a big issue for me with the medium and broad nibs I have used in the past.

I’m really happy with it this far, and it have been what I use most of the time in my Bullet Journal.

Changes to how I use my Hobonichi

2023-04-11 00:00

The role of my Hobonichi have more and more moved into a role where I only use it for high level planning for the last month of so. And slowly the format of how I set it up have changed to reflect that.

This only affects the daily pages though. What I have started to do is to outline the appointments and things I absolutely should or must do on the section to the left. I usually write down things as lists with or without times they start and end depending if they have that or not.

Usually looking something like this:

  • Walk the dog
  • Skateboard to work
  • Work (07:00-15;00)
  • Stand up meeting (11:00-11:30)
  • Lunch (11:30 - 12:00)
  • Skateboard home
  • Dinner
  • Walk the dog
  • Feed the dog
  • Go to the gym

And then on the right side I first write out a section called focus where I write down three things that will be in focus today, and then 5 high level tasks I want to get done.

The best page size?

2023-04-07 00:00

I often think about this. But what is the best page size for notebooks?

For a planner, like a Hobonichi, I think the ideal size for me is a A5. Because then you can do a multi-column setup and it isn’t too cramped to do month or week spreads.

For portable notebooks, I don’t have much of an opinion, I mostly use Travelers notebooks and their passport size. Not because they are that much better than anything else, but I like the system, they have various useful formats, including dot grid and better paper quality than most.

For writing, bullet journaling, lists and such, I mostly use A5, but based on how much of the pages I fill something like a A5 slim” would have been better. Not sure of A5 slim is a real thing or just a fake standard JetPens put on the Travelers refills.

Nock Co Seed A5

2023-04-05 09:00

Another review of a product I love, that you most likely can’t buy anywhere.


Like I’ve mentioned in the past when I’ve written about Nock Co products I’ve gone back and forth a bunch of times on this, and I’ve decided to review all the products from them that I own because of how much I love and use them, even though the company are no longer active.

It seems like at least some of their products might be reborn at Rickshaw.

I’m happy to see that, because I really loved Nock Co for numerous reasons, but a big part of it is that it is one of the few pen accessory brands that had products at the time that fit my aesthetics. I’m not really into that whole hipster / grand dad leather look that most of it features.

The Seed is a notebook cover, I think it was available for various sizes of notebooks. I have the A5 size. And I have used it at various times for various different notebooks. It is usually used for something like a Bullet Journal or notebook I’m using for task management.

As of right now I’m using it, just brought it back for the first time since before the 2020 apocalypse.

The one I have is purple. The cover itself is made out of durable fabric like all of the Nock Co products. It has a very solid zipper to close it.

On the front of the outside you have a pocket. It is great for having a wallet or a pocket sized notebook. I sometimes also use it for having various pens and stuff in it.

On the inside you have two flaps where you can insert each of the cover openings. There is also a slot of index cards and two pen slots. I usually only use one of the pen slots in mine. Currently I have a Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal version 2 plus a Vanishing Point with a EF nib unit in it.

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