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One pen a day

2022-12-29 00:00

If you are reading this site you probably like me have more pens in the use than you should.

The number of fountain pens I currently have inked up and use at the moment is 5.

What I try to do is to change pens every morning. The only rule is that I can’t pick the same as yesterday. And I just try to rotate through them all.

For the most part it works great. Even more fun when all have different inks and my notebooks looks like unicorn barf.

Feeling really dumb

2022-12-27 00:00

Something I start to noodle with a pen and I realized something. This time it was that the larger your nib is, the larger the writing has to be to be readable

How I use my Five Year Journals

2022-12-22 00:00

When I got my LT 5-year journal I didn’t really have a plan for it. Just bought it, because I wanted free shipping, and started to just write the first 2-3 sentences that came to my mind.

Recently I decided to turn it into a gratitude journal. Really like the change this far.

Ordered a new 5 year journal

2022-12-20 00:00

I started my LT 5 year journal on the 11th of April 2019.

As I’m in the process of lining up my planner for next year, I decided to also start a new 5 year journal and actually start it on January first.

I decided on one from Midori this time, it’s kind of a weird size, but I hope the cover of this one holds up better than the Leuchtturm1917

More flexible subscriptions

2022-12-15 00:00

I’d love to see more flexibility in the subscriptions, but I guess it kind of applies to all the consumable” products in general.

Getting pencils in 12 og 144 packs works well if you use one pencil all the time, and the same goes for 50ml bottles of ink.

But if you’re a geek and buy a bunch of shit because it is your hobby it would be better, or I would at least prefer, to get them in smaller packages. Unless you’re into the whole trading racket.

If pencils came in 6 or 4 packs I’d probably get that most of the time. And if there was a volume subscription like that I’d almost certainly get it.

And for inks I have started to get small bottles when available. You don’t need that many bottles of ink or boxes of pencils before you get into more than I’ll use in my lifetime territory”.

Two favorite pens

2022-12-08 00:00

I was going through the gigantic pile of pens I have in my bag, and I thought it might be a interesting exercise to make a list of my two favorites. One fountain pen and one non-fountain pen.

  • Fountain pen: Pilot Custom 823 with Fine nib
  • Uniball Signo DX 0.28mm

Pilot Custom 823

2022-12-06 00:00

As an gift to myself on hitting a weight loss milestone, or more like a milestone in getting back to where I was at the end of 2021 I decided to getting myself a Lamy 2000 with a EF nib. But after looking at some comparisons of the performance of it, I instead started looking at the 823 with a F nib. I would most likely have gotten one in EF if it was in stock.

The main reason is that this nib seemed to fit better with my current preferences than a EF 2k would.

First of all. This pen also came in the whole gift” packaging I hate. And it included a bottle of Black Pilot Ink I’m not sure what to do about.

On to the pen itself.

I got the brown-ish” color instead of the grey-ish color. Either one is fine though. But I’d much rather wanted it in a fun color. This brown or grey with gold is really pushing into grand dad pens for me.

The pen features a vacuum filling system. Easy enough to use once you get used to it. And with most vacuum fillers it has this added feature of unscrewing the plunger to let ink flow into the feed. Something that has the added benefit of being useful for air travel.

The nib on this pen feels amazing. Fine without being scratchy at all. It would not be a surprise if I end up with another one of these in EF.

Rhodia Bloc 16

2022-12-01 00:00

A lined Rhodia Pad that have been my go to for writing for a while now.

I started using them instead of the Leuchtturm1917 because of cost. And then I just kind of continued because they’re cheaper and better for my use. I even started using the dot grid version of it instead of the regular dot pad.

It’s a top ring binder thingy.

What I love about that is that I can write on a page, flip it over and keep going without noticing it, and then tear out pages as I’m done with it

The lined one is what I use to draft almost anything long form I post

And the dot grid are mostly for brainstorming and work tasks.

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