Stationery 🍕


2022-07-26 00:00

If you’re into good paper, you are most likely familiar with either Rhodia or Leuchtturm1917; most likely both.

I use the both of them.

Rhodia has the “better” paper, but I like the Leuchtturm1917 paper better. The difference is that the Rhodia paper is coated and deal better with some inks / ink amounts. But it also means it dries slower. That is the reason I prefer Leuchtturm1917.

But I do prefer Rhodia in other ways. Especially in how they have more different kinds of notebooks that Leuchtturm1917 has. Like their inexpensive dot pads. And not just the expensive hardcover A5 notebooks.

Pilot Blue

2022-07-21 00:00

Another review of a ink I can't stand.

This is the standard blue ink you most likely have seen if you have ever bought a Pilot pen.

I hate this color.

It looks like if you took a good blue, and watered it out.

New nibs for my Ystudio and Pocket 66

2022-07-19 00:00

As I started to move more into finer fountain pen nibs I decided to get some new nibs for the two pens I have where it is easy to change nibs: the Ystudio brass pen & my FC Pocket 66.

So I ordered two EF nibs, one #5 and one #6.

I like both of them, the one in #5 feels more scratchy and has a finer line than the #6. The differences are very minor though. And I’m very happy with both of them.

Pilot Black

2022-07-14 00:00

The regular Pilot black used to be my only ink during all of the time I used cartridges.

It isn't the darkest of blacks, but dark enough for you to not think of it. And it isn't the fastest drying ink, but fast enough so you don't think about it.

I was very happy with it back then, not sure if I would be today. And I probably wouldn't want a full bottle of it. But for cartdirge ink it was really good

My Field Notes Cover

2022-07-12 00:00

I have a Field Notes cover from Bellroy. It is awesome, and I’ve had it for years.

I haven’t used it a lot since COVID started, but I suspect it will get more use as things get back to normal.

It is leather, but it doesn’t look like the kind of “grandad leather” a lot of leather covers look. Other than that it looks very clean and simple, it fits a single field notes, it has some magnets to help it stay shut. You can fit a small pen or pencil in the cover.

And if you want to hack it, it is possible to fit more notebooks than the one. I have used it with three notebooks by some clever paperclip hacking.