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Field Notes 56 week planner

2022-09-15 00:00

I have at various times tried to use paper planners as my only calendar. That have never really worked out, and I have in time found a place for them that works for me.

Anyways. The first time I tried this it was the Hobonichi Techo, the second time I used this. It lasted for like 3 or 4 months. It is a solid planner, if you can deal with the Field Notes paper.

One thing I always like in a planner is a two page week spread. And the Field Notes 56 week planner had a interesting take on it. Not the one that have worked the best for me, but interesting non the less. They split the page into 6, and the last of the 5 into two, leaving a large section for the week days and two smaller for Saturday and Sunday.

Kaweco Sport

2022-09-13 00:00

This is one of the fem less expensive fountain pens I for some reason never have bought.

I don't know why, but I just never did. So I ordered a red one with a EF nib a while back.

When it showed up I really liked the packaging. It came in this cardboard box that just large enough to fit the pen. The first thing I did was to eye dropper it with red ink.

It is a very small pen when you don't post the cap, and more or less like a regular pen otherwise. Apparently it is common with bad nibs with these pens, I got a good one. And I like it a lot. I suspect I'll end up with a few of them.

Favourite blackwing

2022-09-08 00:00

As I'm writing this I just recently started to move more into pens with finer nibs; both gel and fountain. And that might change my pencil preferences moving forward.

Historically the Pearl have been the one I like the most. Partly because it is the best looking of the regular versions. And I liked that I could sharpen a lot while using it. But now that I've started to like the scratchy pens and such I might be more into the hardest Blackwing aka the Natural. Or I might even be more into even harder pencils like the Golden Bear.


Broken nibs

2022-09-06 00:00

Here is a list of nibs I've broken over the years

- Pilot Metal Falcon
- Pilot Vanishing point
- Pilot Metropolitan

We all break some shit over the years.

1 Year post

2022-09-01 00:00


Weird that it have been one year already.

In general I'm very happy about how things have gone. The post schedule I landed on have worked very well and is sustainable. It haven't been a problem do get enough posts done in batches to keep up with the two posts a week.

For the next year I think I want to look more into doing more recurring posts especially surrounding the tools I use. And I would also love to shorten the time between writing and publishing.

Outside of that I might also look more into some kind of link dump thing. But I'm not sure about that one.