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Travelers notebook: update

2022-10-06 00:00

I was looking for my old cover a while back I couldn’t find it. So I ordered a new one. The big version. Also thinking about getting the small one for pocket sized stuff.

I’m on my second Day Free refill in my Travelers Notebook.

I’ve also added a dated 6 month refill to it. This is most likely just a pre-cursor to me ordering a Hobonichi Cousin A5.

The dated refill has a two page spread with all the days of the week, that I use for high level planning my week. Like when I’m going into the office, when I’m going to the gym and if I have any spare time appointments. Makes it much easier to plan my week in 2 minutes than with digital calendars.

The Day Free is more used for mid level task management. And I have a lined refill for a common place journal style writing.

Write Notepads

2022-10-04 00:00

I was ordering another bottle of the Pen Addict orange and decided to throw in a pack of the Write Notepads he had in The Pen Addict Shop.

Write notepads have been on my list of stuff to check out for a very long time. But I’ve never pulled the trigger because they’re mostly available on their own store, so it takes more of an effort to order it than all the stuff in stock at JetPens and similar.


I like these notebooks. The paper is awesome, and they have a very high quality feel. They’re also a lot thicker than the typical Field Notes format. Not sure how I like that yet.

But if I can get behind the new thiccness I’ll probably start using them as my new go to for pocket notebooks.

Smaller boxes of pencils

2022-09-29 00:00

The standard size for a pack of pencils these days is a box of 12. You can get some as singles but that is a surprisingly small section of the market.

At the time of writing I have over 50 pencils I haven’t started using yet. Most likely closer to 60. I’ll guess this is like 2-3 years of pencils at my current pace.

In the same way I’d love to see smaller bottles of ink, I’d also love to see smaller boxes of pencils, like 4 or 6 instead of 12 as a industry standard. Would be great for everyone that love to try things out but don’t want to build up a huge collection of pencils.

Hobonichi Techo

2022-09-27 00:00

Back in the early days I used Hobonichi Techo’s for a couple of years. I think it was 2015 and 2016, if I remember correctly.

Then midway into the second one I gave up on them. Mostly because the dry time was a struggle. And that the format didn’t really do anything for me.

When I look back at it I probably was doing some bullet journal like thingy without knowing it.

These days I have been considering them again. Not the techo, but the A5 cousin.

Pilot Hitec C 0.4mm

2022-09-22 00:00

How the fuck did I end up here?

Up until my recent switch in my nib preferences all of my or most of my pens was wet broads.

Long story short: I’m going on a plan in August and decided to see if I could find a decent gel pen at a local store with a finer nib to bring with me. And the only thing I could find at the one larger store I went to was this one.

The really fucked up thing is that I really like it. It is kind of funny because the last time I tried this pen I hated it so much that I threw it in a bin within 10 minutes of buying it. So I guess I’m going to order a bunch of finer point gel ink pens from JetPens soon.

Travelers notebooks

2022-09-20 00:00

Travelers notebooks is this awesome covers with all kinds of cool accessories and stuff to fill them with. They come in two formats, one that is like a skinny A5 and one that is kind of like Field Notes.

I used to use them for a long time as my go to notebook for everything. I used to fill them with one lined notebook for writing, one dotted for managing tasks and such. I used to like it a lot. It was very compact and awesome.

As I discovered local stores in Norway that let me order Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, but not Travelers refills I slowly moved away from the system.

The standard one can fit up to three refills.

There are also tons of third party covers that can do more. Plus a lot of accessories to make it your own.

I’m seriously considering moving a bunch of my stuff back over to this system.

Field Notes 56 week planner

2022-09-15 00:00

I have at various times tried to use paper planners as my only calendar. That have never really worked out, and I have in time found a place for them that works for me.

Anyways. The first time I tried this it was the Hobonichi Techo, the second time I used this. It lasted for like 3 or 4 months. It is a solid planner, if you can deal with the Field Notes paper.

One thing I always like in a planner is a two page week spread. And the Field Notes 56 week planner had a interesting take on it. Not the one that have worked the best for me, but interesting non the less. They split the page into 6, and the last of the 5 into two, leaving a large section for the week days and two smaller for Saturday and Sunday.

Kaweco Sport

2022-09-13 00:00

This is one of the fem less expensive fountain pens I for some reason never have bought.

I don’t know why, but I just never did. So I ordered a red one with a EF nib a while back.

When it showed up I really liked the packaging. It came in this cardboard box that just large enough to fit the pen. The first thing I did was to eye dropper it with red ink.

It is a very small pen when you don’t post the cap, and more or less like a regular pen otherwise. Apparently it is common with bad nibs with these pens, I got a good one. And I like it a lot. I suspect I’ll end up with a few of them.

Favourite blackwing

2022-09-08 00:00

As I’m writing this I just recently started to move more into pens with finer nibs; both gel and fountain. And that might change my pencil preferences moving forward.

Historically the Pearl have been the one I like the most. Partly because it is the best looking of the regular versions. And I liked that I could sharpen a lot while using it. But now that I’ve started to like the scratchy pens and such I might be more into the hardest Blackwing aka the Natural. Or I might even be more into even harder pencils like the Golden Bear.


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