Dropped pens series: TWSBI VAC700R Cap?!

2024-04-08 00:00

This is the most recent one and what started this series. Like I drop things all the way. Most likely one of the advantages of having ADHD.

Most of the time I don’t care. Not one of the people who care about things look pristine

So my TWSBI VAC700R fell from the couch to the floor for the millionth time and the cap snapped in two right where the metal wring above the threads.

I just oh man”, and I thought about ordering another one, but decided to just glue it on.

This is most likely one of the pens I use the most. So if this don’t work out I’ll most likely end up with a new one.

Dropped pens series: TWSBI VAC700R Nib Unit

2024-04-03 00:00

Seems like a lot have happened to this one over the time I’v had it.

After having it for like a month, I dropped it, and messed up the nib.

A lot stuff was going on then.

I remember it was early in the morning just as I came into the office, right at the end of the current consulting gig.

So probably a combination of slippery fingers and being a bit stressed about there was way too much to do before the end of the month.

Dropped pens series: Pilot Vanishing Point Nib Unit

2024-04-01 03:00

I think this was the first time I broke an expensive pen. I dropped it on the floor in the office I was in at the time.

It made me so angry and sad.

I ordered a replacement unit more or less right away; changing it from a medium to broad.

Dropped pens series

2024-04-01 00:00

I decided to do a short blog post series about all the pens I have dropped about broken over the years, at least the one I can remember.

Re-visiting a lot of uncomfortable feelings here…

How I use the my Theme System

2024-03-28 00:00

The way I do my own theme system is like this.

I look at my previous theme and think about putting into words how I want to improve over the next three months.

Then I try to find 5-10 outcomes to make that happen.

After that I do what I call a sub-theme”; and that is a 1-2 week period where I have one goal and one action per outcome. Where the idea is that I try to move them forward every day by doing something.

At the end of a theme or sub-theme I do a retrospective and use that to influence what I’ll do next.

All the pens vs minimal

2024-03-26 00:00

I always have these phases with my pens. Sometimes I have 2-3 fountain pens and a gel pen in my bag. And other items I just have like 10 pens in it.

Until I just can’t deal with having so many pens in use and start cleaning and putting them away as I write them empty.

At the moment I’m very much in all the pens territory.

When you are at the end of a yearly planner

2024-03-20 00:00

There is a weird feeling I get when I get near the end of a yearly planner. Partly it is like: I filled all of this; but also: why am I dragging around 11 months of filled in pages?!

Theme System Post Series: Where I landed for now

2024-03-18 00:00

This is the system I have been on for a while now.


Let’s start with that.

  • I write a Theme, plus description, and 5-10 outcomes. Ideally closer to 5. That lasts 3 calendar months.
  • Then I do weekly Sub Themes. For them I define one goal for each outcome, and a Daily Action for each. The idea is to have a thing I can do often and reach the goal that in turn moves me closer to the outcome
  • I journal every day in relation to the Theme / Sub-Theme mainly about what worked, didn’t work and turn it into tasks that I can work on.
  • After each Sub-Theme and Theme I write a retrospective before deciding on the next one; I usually have a draft written before the retrospective and change it based on it


  • I use Chronicling for tracking the Actions
  • I write the daily journaling on paper in a lined refill in my passport sized Travelers Notebook. Because they have no long term value for me to keep around.
  • The retrospectives are currently being kept. It might change
  • The Themes and Sub Themes exist both digitally and analog; the analog version is in my A5 Hobonochi notebook that I use for all goal and focus tracking. I also keep a digital version to make it easy to look up.

Theme System Post Series: The process of finding out my own

2024-03-13 00:00

My first attempt at this was to do it on paper, a long time ago actually, this summer. I tried to do my own thing on paper. But it never worked out for me. Mostly because of all the up keep of creating the layouts.

This time I first tried to do it in Notion, but I never liked it that much. And doing it digitally lead me to a setup with too many Outcomes, Daily Themes etc.

Then I started to play around with a different system; mostly the app Chronicling for Daily Themes and Day One for Daily Journaling; it stil had all the too much problems that I hadn’t addressed yet, plus the daily journaling had no structure at all.

After trying this out for a while I ended up with more of a hybrid system

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