The KUM long point pencil sharpener

2021-12-29 00:00

The Blackwing branded or not; the difference between isn’t worth going into.

When I started to get into pencils I ordered this sharpener.

It is a good sharpener, not the longest lasting design ever, but it is a good sharpener.

This is a two step sharpener. Meaning that you have two holes. The first one with shave off wood, while the second shape the point. They use the same blade, but the hole you stick it into changes the angle.

I think this sharpener is a good place to start when you get into pencils. It comes with two replacement blades, but the plastic construction can make it hard to change them without destroying the sharpener. Turns out screwing metal screws into plastic is a bad idea.

It has a cover, meaning you can shave your pencil without having a cup or something to put the shavings into. But in my experience the cover isn’t sturdy enough to put in a bag or anything like that. And all of the covers I have had with the multiple versions of this I have owned have broken after prolonged use.

The KUM longpoint is a good point. Not my favourite. But it is a solid one. If I’m going into the details of what I don’t like about it: I prefer a longer point than it gives, and I think it is too sharp.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes