Leaving blank paper behind

2022-01-11 00:00

Blank paper was kind of where it all started for me in a lot of ways. My first other than whatever was in the office notebook was a A5 hardcover Moleskine with blank paper. Knowing Moleskine it was probably a bastardized A5.

I have over the years slowly left the A5 lifestyle.

It looks so cool when people are able to write straight on a blank paper. But I can never do it. The only times I have managed to do it is when I have cheated with a stencil with either dotgrid or lined behind the page. But that was too much work in the long run.

It kind of works for me with pocket sized stuff. Not because I write that much straighter there. Or a little since it is smaller. But I’m fine with it on them because they are just this thing I use when I don’t have anything better available.

I got a couple of blank notebooks a few months ago. And it was a pain to get through them. And I have decided it is time to just leave it and stop using blank ever.

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