How I write my blog posts

2022-03-22 00:00

All of my blog posts go through multiple stages before they end up on this site.

First I start with gathering ideas. I either get an idea and write it down or I sit down to brainstorm and write down every dumb idea I can think of. Then I just keep it all in a giant list. I sometimes prune it, but that isn’t something I do a lot because what I think is really boring or dumb today might be interesting to me in the future.

Then I write drafts. Usually on paper. When I feel like writing I take my notebook. Currently a lined LT1917 A5 and write the first thing from the list I feel like writing. I typically write one or two posts in each sitting.

When I have written a certain number of pages. Usually either 25 or 50. I transcribe it into my iPad. At this stage I first read it to figure out if I want to transcribe it or not. If I don’t like it I add the idea back to the list and move over to the next one. If I decide to not transcribe it it is because I don’t like anything about it.

All of my writing are kept in Drafts.

At this point I just have a long list of blog posts that need some work. I typically schedule posts 1-2 months in advance. Just to make sure I keep the schedule I have set for myself while at the same time allowing for life to get in the way when needed.

When I see that it is time to think about putting up another month of blog posts I just scroll down the list and take the first thing I feel like working on and re-writes it until I’m happy enough about it and tag it as done. And when I have a couple of weeks worth of posts I paste them into my CMS and schedule them.

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