My setup when I used to write a lo

2022-08-18 00:00

When I was a student I took all my notes on paper, and usually wrote first drafts on paper as well.

My setup then was in the beginning to use Pilot G2s and Retro51’s on Moleskine. Then I got into Pilot Metropolitans, before eventually getting a Lamy 2000.

My paper choices went from Moleskine to whatever college rule was available before I eventually landed on these thick A4 hardcover notebooks. There was a few different models, ranging from like 200 pages to 500 I think.

There was a lot of feathering going on, but it was a great compromise for me back then to use these. Because they were the only notebook I could get locally that handled fountain pens in any usable way. And not having to pay for international shipping for notebooks saved me a lot of money.

When I had the Lamy 2000, I used to refill it every morning and if I for some weird reason ran out of ink I’d just use the Metropolitan as a backup.

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