Ink evolution

2022-10-20 00:00

Here is a short history of my ink preferences over time.

At first I was really into black inks only. In the start of that I went for the sharpest drying inks possible. Before I slowly moved to better looking blacks and eventually ending up with 5 different colors in my drawers.

For a very long time I preferred to have all of my pens with the same ink. Just liked the idea of writing one pen dry and then continuing with the same color from the next pen in my carry.

Then at some point. Probably in 2021. I started to have all of my pens in regular use with different inks. And I love it. Some pens have a permanent color. Like I have a red Kaweco Sport with red ink, and a pink TWSBI Eco with pink ink. But the rest are more or less open to any ink.

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