Travelers notebook: update

2022-10-06 00:00

I was looking for my old cover a while back I couldn’t find it. So I ordered a new one. The big version. Also thinking about getting the small one for pocket sized stuff.

I’m on my second Day Free refill in my Travelers Notebook.

I’ve also added a dated 6 month refill to it. This is most likely just a pre-cursor to me ordering a Hobonichi Cousin A5.

The dated refill has a two page spread with all the days of the week, that I use for high level planning my week. Like when I’m going into the office, when I’m going to the gym and if I have any spare time appointments. Makes it much easier to plan my week in 2 minutes than with digital calendars.

The Day Free is more used for mid level task management. And I have a lined refill for a common place journal style writing.

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