Theme journal setup v2

2023-04-18 20:00

I started a subscription to around half way into the first one.

The way I use the system is that I set a theme for one notebook and then I adjust when I move over to a new one. From the first to the second one I changed the wording of the theme, but not much of the goals of it. Mostly to put an emphasis on sustainable change in my life.

The daily journal pages I mostly use the same way I have for a long time. I use the two smaller blocks at the top to mention the two most important things of the day, ideally connected to either the theme or any of the daily themes. Then I use the large block to write down bullet points about things that are on my mind related to the theme and daily themes.

And in the small at the botton I write down 1-3 main things for the next day.

The daily themes is something I change a lot. After each 15 day period I evaluate all of them and set a new set of 14 spread across a few key areas. There are always a few things that are changed, and some times I change most of them.

This system works great for me this far, and it makes it really easy to define what is the most important.

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