Bullet Journal

2023-05-27 00:00

The nerdy pen bits

I use Leuchtturm1917 A5 dot grid notebooks for it at the moment. Sometimes the Bullet Journal versions sometimes the regular. It all depends on what is in stock and if I find a color that is cooler than the dull crap they have for the Bullet Journal versions.

Most of the time I use fountain pens. Usually a finer nibbed one for writing and broad stub to underline headings.

How I use it

I usually re-collect things when the number of pages from first to last go beyond 20-30 pages, mostly because I find it easier to deal with. Plus that I often need to replace at least some of the goals every 3-5 days anyways.

On the first two pages I write down my current yearly” theme, and then I write down some goals I have on some areas of my life. Usually weight and fitness goals are there. Plus some things I focus on improving.

Then I put a marker there. Then I turn the page and make a daily page. I make one every day. And move over whatever was left on the day before.

I just write down the day of the week and the date. And start adding stuff. I usually start by adding auto generated check lists from things that kind of keep my life together.

Usually first work stuff, then my personal daily stuff. I often start with the most important stuff. And then things I have to carry over from the day before. And then I put a marker on the start of the daily page and one marker at the first page with free space to write things.

The first marker is always on the status / goal page” the second is always at the first page with tasks I haven’t checked off and the last one is always at the first page with available space.

As I complete things and run out of tasks I start refilling it. Usually start with Daily tasks, move over to weekly and monthly if there are anything there I need to do. And after that over to projects that are in focus. First the ones outlined in the Hobonichi and then later anything not hidden in my task manager.


I don’t use the official Bullet Journal formatting, I’ve tried a few times but after many years of using Dash/Plus as my task management on paper formatting system I’ve never been able to change it.

The way I do things is that I use one pen and color for writing and another pen and color for underlining things.

I usually only have two levels of headings. One is the day, and then one for the collection”, when things go deeper than that I typically will do it as sub-tasks and sub-sub-tasks etc. Anything that has tasks under it will be underlined. To make it easy to spot.

In addition to this I also often will write a + between different areas. Like when I move from Work” related tasks to Daily” tasks etc.

Page layout

My page layout is usually that I align the top level heading (the day and date) to the left written larger than the rest.

The collection I typically center.

I also try to use as much of the page as possible. So, if a collection only takes up half the width or a third of the width of the page, I often will add another section next to it. Other times I write the tasks two or three per line. It all depends on what works and how mindful I am of not wasting page while doing it.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes