Twelve South Curve Flex

2023-06-20 00:00

Note: went back a forth a bunch of times if these belong on my more tech and everything else focused personal site or here, and decided to put it here because desks and stationery seems very related

I’ve been looking for a laptop stand for using my laptops open for years, but never got one because they never went high enough for me.

Then I found this thing.

It seems like it shouldn’t work, and be stable or be able to keep your laptop up. But it totally works. I had to tighten the screws to make it work properly but other than that it is perfect.

I have mine at the highest angle, and it for the most part lines up with the top of the screen in the office. And I have the laptop at a comfortable viewing angle, plus it makes less space on the desk.

The only thing I miss from it is a way to deal with dongles that are chunky, and don’t have a long enough cable to reach all the way down.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes