Paper and productivity

2023-06-27 00:00

I’m a huge fan of having everything digital, but mostly working from analog. What I mean by working from analog is that I copy my agenda from digital calendars to my Hobonichi, I move tasks from my task manager to my bullet journal usually 2-3 A5 pages at a time, and use that plus a super short list of next 5-10 actions to work from.

Why does this work? The reason it works for me is that my hit list is usually what I intend to spend the next 15-30 minutes on. And my bullet journal is just the selection that I decided was the most important to deal with right now.

It makes what I work on intentional, plus it makes it really focused because I usually only look at my task manager every 1-3 hours. It makes it much easier for me to work focused on closing projects. Plus it also makes it obvious when I don’t complete projects and have to move them to the next day.

It doesn’t hurt that my notebooks don’t have social media apps.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes