2023-08-24 00:00

For about a month and a half now I’ve been looking at binders; everything from regular office binders to Filofaxes to stupid expensive things from Plotter.

If Plotter actually shipped internationally, sorry but shipping to Canada don’t count as international shipping” if you’re located in the US, I’d probably have one by now.

Instead I ended up ordering something else, much cheaper; I’ll write about in a while. Once I get it and have the time to actually test it out. It wasn’t from Plotter and it wasn’t from Filofax.

The reason I’ve been spending a bunch of time looking at binders for the last month and a half is because I’d like to solve a bunch of issues with my current notebook situation.

  • I want to carry fewer pages of paper with me every day.
  • I want to combine all my different keeping my life together” systems into a single thing.
  • I wanted something flexible enough to let me most things around as needed.

The idea is that I would get a A5 binder plus some dividers and some daily and weekly calendar pages in it. Plus a hole punch to be able to put things in it that don’t come in holes. Like pages from my A5 Rhodia notebooks maybe cut out the daily themes pages from my Theme Journal.

So instead of having an entire year of planner pages I’ll have a few weeks of them. Instead of having two entire pads of Rhodia Dotpads I’ll probably combined have more like 1/3 to 1/2 of one. And instead of bringing an entire Theme Journal I’ll only have the parts of it I use.

If it works out, I’ll probably cut my daily notebook carry down by at least 2/3.

Can’t wait to test this out.

Outside of the carrying less paper it will most likely make everything work much better by having everything in one notebook” instead of spread between 3-4 different ones.

Plus it will be amazing to just move pages around as things change.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes