My sling stationery carry

2023-12-06 00:00

As mentioned in an earlier post, I use a sling. Often it is just thrown in another bag, or worn when I’m going into the car.

I usually have my wallet, keys, AirPods etc in it. Plus my pocket notebook of choice (Passport Travelers Notebook) plus 3+1 pens.

  • Kaweco Sports Brass EF
  • Kaweco Sports Aluminum EF
  • Ystudio brass w/FC EF steel nib
  • Gel Ink pen, currently a Zebra

The idea behind this carry is to have what I need to write on the go. Plus something that works as a backup at work and similar if I forget to bring pens.

Plus enough in capacity to not be in the remember to check the ink levels all the time” space.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes