Theme System Post Series: How I used the official Theme System Journal

2024-03-06 00:00

For the year or so I used the Theme System Journals this is how I used them as I reached the end of the final one.

Something got messed up with the subscription renewal on the one I had and I just decided to explore doing a similar things with other tools when that happened.

  • I did a new theme and new goals after three months always
  • Sometimes a slight variation other times a big shift
  • The Daily Themes was adjusted after each 15 day period
  • In the daily journal pages I used to fill in the best and worst things in relation to the theme / goals in the two first boxes
  • Then some things I could improve on and ideas etc in the big one
  • And in the final one I wrote the most important thing for the next day

In addition to all of this I always wrote a retrospective after each 15-day period plus after each journal was used up.

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