Considering binders: Why?

2024-05-28 00:00

I think this topic has moved past binders from the start, mostly because what I really want ins’t really limited to a regular binder by definition, and there are a bunch of options I am considering that isn’t really a binder.

A thing I’ve been feeling for at least a year at this point is the urge to have one notebook for my daily stuff”. What makes it more complicated is that I also would like to be able to remove and re-order things as I do, plus remove pages that are no longer in use or relevant. Because in theory a simple Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotgrid notebook or a top spiral Rhodia DotPad would solve this for me.

Or the Rhodia would solve it even more for various reasons, because they let me pull out pages.

But. There are a few ways each of them would not solve things for me long term. The big one for the Leuchtturm1917 is that I can’t remove pages. With the Rhoda I can pull out pages but not re-order them, plus you often end up with this big stack of left overs from pages you have removed between pages sometimes that I hate.

This leaves me at wanting something I can put A5 pages in to both hold them and kind of use them as a notebook. So a good clipboard or anything that can hold pages with holes in them in place would work.

My main two requirements in the short term would be

  • A5
  • The mechanism just works, no fiddling or things like that.

The setup as I see it would be something like this.

  • 1 A5 page with something like the Hobonichi 3 month overview
  • Then the following would depend on the actual month, but let’s say we start on a Monday in the middle of a month.
  • 1 A5 page with a month layout
  • 1 A5 page with the week layout
  • 1 A5 page with a day layout
  • Then I add pages with Hitlist layout as needed or plain A4 dot grid pages if that is more appropriate

When the next day comes, I add another day layout and combine like that, another week when I come to the next week etc.

It would make it dead simple to prepare things in advance, and change things as I go. Plus I could get a printer and actually print or copy the layouts making it even simpler.

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