What would a potential binder daily carry setup look like for me?

2024-06-26 00:00

My setup would most likely be very simple.

  • The binder
  • Planner pages(3 month page, monthly page, weekly page, day pages, goal pages)
  • Empty dot grid pages
  • Tab Dividers
  • Pencil board to give it more of a notebook feel
  • Some cardboard / kraft pages to make it weird and artsy

Because I usually just use planner pages, plus dot grid pages for my hit lists and usually don’t have a lot longer lasting things going on. Except for when I do. My setup most of the time would probably look like this

  • Empty pages in the back
  • A kraft page with some pictures or whatever
  • Divider
  • Long term goal page
  • 3 month page
  • 3 month goal page
  • Monthly page
  • Monthly goal page
  • Weekly page
  • Weekly goal page
  • Pages for each days in that week
  • And put hit list pages I filled out after the day page of current day.
  • Repeat that, so I have this to cover previous week, this week and next week.
  • Divider
  • All the empty pages
  • The rest of the dividers
  • And add dividers if I end up with things that need their own thing.

As I’ve touched on before, the big advantage for me with something like this is that I’d probably carry at most more like a Rhodia Dotpad amount of paper, instead of my current setup that is more like 3x that.

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