Binders & the process from here

2024-06-06 00:00

I have looked around in a bunch of different weird corners of the internet over the last few weeks and I have a bunch of links that I am considering. Everything from a clipboard to some weird ish binder like systems to more expensive binders.

When I look at how much I spent on the binder I have, I’m thinking that it would not take many rounds of trying various cheap stuff to end up in a place where it would have been Plotter / William Hannah money.

So now I’m just looking at the different things I would have to buy for it to work out in the long term, like a good hole punch etc. And thinking about the different options that could work, with a very strict limit on how much before dropping them for Plotter / WH.

Also I don’t really think I have to decide if I’m going for it before it is time to order planners (or not) for 2025.

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