Pilot Vanishing Point

2021-11-10 00:00

The Pilot Vanishing Point is a pen I kind of knew I would not love, but kind of got it anyways because it is one of those pens everyone should experience.

It is really weird with a retractable fountain pen, and for some stuff it is really awesome. Especially when you for example write in public place like a train or somewhere you might have to get up fast. And don’t want yet another thing to remember.

It could also have been awesome for taking quick notes, like in the office or what ever. But this doesn’t really work for me with this pen because in the time it would take it to start, I could have uncapped my Lamy 2000 or my TWSBI Eco in less time. And for this reason I usually just use a pencil for this.

This pen is not for everyone, for obvious reasons.

  • The placement of the clip makes it unusable for a lot of people
  • It is simply to thick for a lot of people to write with it comfortably
  • It looks like shit
  • The CON-40 converter doesn’t have enough capacity to make it a good option for a one pen all day option. I tried this multiple times (with my Lamy 2000 as a backup) at the end of my student days. And it never lasted me to lunch.
  • It’s a slow starter

There are also a lot of good things about it

  • This is one of very few areas where Pilot actually are creative and makes interesting designs
  • It is retractable
  • You can get replacement nib units for it
  • It writes very well once it gets started

It is an interesting pen, but in no way a favourite of mine. And I don’t really recommend anyone to get it. There are much better stuff to get for the same money.

To be honest, I get more joy out of my TWSBI Eco with a stub than this.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes