Blackwing Pearl

2021-12-03 00:00

The Blacking Pearl is the white Blackwing. I like this one a lot. It features a very soft but yet harder than the Matte”. Also called the Balanced core”. It features a white body with gold text and ferrule.

I think it is the best looking of the standard Blackwings.

This is my favourite notetaking pencil. It is soft and awesome, but not so much that it is this constant re-sharpening loop I find myself with the the Matte.

For long form writing on the other hand I do not like it at all. It is just too much sharpening for my taste. I guess I can get like 2 A5 page of long form writing before it is too dull for me.

The reason I have different preferences for taking notes versus writing is that I like sharpening pencils. But I do not like it to come in the way of the thing I’m doing.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes