The KUM masterpiece

2022-01-04 00:00

This is kind of an upgraded version of the KUM long point sharpener. Kind of, but not really; the points they give are slightly different.

I have only had one of this sharpener. Unlike the long point sharpener that I have broken 3 of.

There isn’t really anything fancy about this sharpener. A block of metal with two holes in it and similar blades to the long point sharpener.

I think the regular long point is a good starting point when you get your first order of nice pencils. But the moment you realise you like this is when I think you should get a masterpiece.

It will last you a really long time, unless you screw up and mess up the holes for the screw when changing blades.

I still have mine, I don’t use it a lot. But it is what I bring out the moment my other sharpener struggles with a pencil.

This is without a doubt one of those pencil sharpener I’ll always have in my collection. If I lost the one I have I’d order a new one immediately.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes