My sharpener setup

2022-03-08 00:00

I have a bunch of different sharpeners in various places in my apartment. But there are really only two I use a lot. The Pollux when I’m not at home or feel like sharpening by hand and the Classroom Friendly.

The reason I usually just use the Classroom Friendly is that it is very reliable, very quick and give me a very consistent and good point. It isn’t as good as the Pollux, but still better than any of the other sharpeners I own. For example, if I needed to sharpen 12 new pencils that would take me a good while with the Pollux or a master piece. Plus some breaks. With the Classroom Friendly I could probably be done in 5 minutes or less.

This is why I usually just carry a lot of sharp pencils instead of a small sharpener when I got into the office or bring pencils anywhere.

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