How I write this site

2022-04-05 00:00

This is my creative process for this site


I have a giant list of ideas that I add new ones to. Either as I get them, but most of them comes from when I sit down to write ideas. The latter is a process where I sit down and don’t get up until I have 20 new ideas.


All of my writing goes in phases. Typically intense idea phases, them intense drafting phases and then I use 2-3 times that actually finishing and publishing posts. Like when I started this site I did almost all of the ideas and drafting for the first year during July and August 2021.

I draft all of them on paper. I just write the idea, remove it from the list and move on to the next one.


First I read what I wrote on paper. Sometimes I transcribe it as is, other times I just take the basic ideas and re-write it as I transcribe. If I hate it I just skip it and re-add the idea to the list


I schedule posts in advance, typically not more than 1-2 months in advance. The way I do it is that I decide to do all the posts for May and I usually first pick two or three drafts, edit them and add them to the CMS with the correct dates a day until a month is done. Sometimes the editing of drafts is an entire re-write other times I just ditch it and re-add the idea to the list.

This workflow works great for me, because there are enough space between each stage so I don’t remember what I wrote and can be honest about it. As I’m writing this in early March 2022 I have scheduled all of March. And before mid March I will most likely have scheduled posts for April and May. And I’ll probably start on June and July in early May. I typically write new ideas when my list is empty. I start writing new drafts when I transcribe the last one, and I start transcribing when I run low on unpublished drafts.

All of these are kind of independent of each other and it is a really weird process that seems to work for me

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