Inclusive design

2022-05-10 00:00

If you make a product, it is important to make sure it works for as many people as possible.

When I say works this may be because it doesn’t work physically or there may be something about the design that is offensive. The typical example of the latter is all of the pink “for her” products. And a typical example of the former are products that isn’t very compatible with lefties or are too big or thick for people with smaller hands. Great examples of this is the Pilot Vanishing Point or the most of the Lamy pens.

I think all products should be accommodating for different people. Either by having different versions of it if it isn’t possible to have one version that works for all. And I think it is a really bad look for in 2022 (or 2015 or 2010 for that matter) to have a product that excludes lefties or women. This is especially important if it is a kind of unique product like the Vanishing Point.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes