Limited editions are annoying

2022-05-26 00:00

I think this is one of those subjects where a lot of people will disagree with me.

I think all of the limited editions are annoying as fuck. At least at the current amount of it.

There are kind of two different categories of limited edition products: pure redesigns and limited products. The former is basically just new shit different wrapping. A different colour or design but otherwise the same product. And then you have the kind where the product are actually different, this is kind of what Blackwing used to do when their firmest core was only in a few limited edition pencils or how Field Notes refuse to make a regular edition with dotgrid… 🖕

Other times they go as far as making radically different products.

I’m fine with either up to a point. But I also think that limited products should become a regular product if the reception is good.

I have zero interest in investing time and money into adopting something into my workflow if it will be a hassle to replace it when or if I need to. And I think it is really annoying to read all this news about New Lami Safari color”, New TWSBI Eco color”, New Sailor Pro Gear color” and all of that noice. Or new Field Notes designs and all of this junk.

I think it is fine with some of it. But there are so much of it these days that I just fuck this shit.

What I miss is more focus on making new products instead of new paint jobs.

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