More flexible subscriptions

2022-12-15 00:00

I’d love to see more flexibility in the subscriptions, but I guess it kind of applies to all the consumable” products in general.

Getting pencils in 12 og 144 packs works well if you use one pencil all the time, and the same goes for 50ml bottles of ink.

But if you’re a geek and buy a bunch of shit because it is your hobby it would be better, or I would at least prefer, to get them in smaller packages. Unless you’re into the whole trading racket.

If pencils came in 6 or 4 packs I’d probably get that most of the time. And if there was a volume subscription like that I’d almost certainly get it.

And for inks I have started to get small bottles when available. You don’t need that many bottles of ink or boxes of pencils before you get into more than I’ll use in my lifetime territory”.

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