Many notebooks?

2023-01-28 00:00

Recently on The Pen Addict Podcast, they talked about a poll Brad had done on Mastodon about the number of notebooks people use every day versus use often but not every day I just started to 😬

I have 5 notebooks I use every single day and another 3 I use less often, but still more than not days. It is ridiculous, I know. The fucked up thing is that I’ll very soon add another to the daily mix.


  • Hobonichi Cousin A5 as my planner
  • LT A5 Dotgrid Notebook for managing tasks for things I’m currently working on
  • Soon: Hobonichi A5 notebook for long term goal tracking
  • Rhodia DotPads for HitList / temporary notes
  • Theme Journal

Regular use

  • Lined Rhodia Pad for longform writing
  • Regular size Travelers Notebook with lined refill for my common place notebook
  • Passport size Travelers Notebook for my pocket notebook.

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