Theme System Journal Part 1

2023-01-03 00:00

I’m doing this in multiple rounds. This time I’ll be focusing on the notebook itself, and I’ll get on to the format of the pages in the second part and how I use it in the third.

The cover of the notebook is really nice. I like how it feels, unlike anything else I have ever owned. Also it is kind of like a softcover and hardcover notebook at the same time. It isn’t a real hardcover, but still stiff enough to write on without a proper surface.

Like I would prefer a real hardcover, but this is probably cheaper to make, and it makes it thinner.

The design of it is subtle and nice.

On to the paper. It is good, but not great. But more than good enough.

The interesting thing about it is that it is way better than anything you’d most likely find in a regular staples or anything like that. But still the notebook with the worst paper in my bag.

The tear off corner is neat, but I’m not sure about the utility of it yet.

There is one thing I miss: page markers. I miss it so much I might buy a A5 Hobonichi cover to use with this. Since they have page markers.

All in all, if there are more interesting variations on notebooks in this wrapping I’d most likely check it out. I would probably not be interested in a plain dot grid thing, because I have options that work better for me for that. But if they come out with other products more like this one I’d almost certainly check it out.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes