How I use my Hobonichi

2023-02-14 00:00

The ones I use are the model called the A5 Cousin. The big difference between it and the more popular A6 version is that it also has a weekly double page layout in addition to the daily pages.

Here is how I use mine.

Yearly goals

There are a bunch of empty grid pages at the end of the planner, I use these to track my larger yearly goals. They are usually very high level and sometimes change. I just write them as lists and change as needed.

Monthly goals

There are some double spread monthly pages in the start of the planner. Most of the page is just a grid of boxes for each of the days in a month, plus a small section on the left without any purpose. I cross out the boxes as days end, plus if there is one important thing on a day I write that in there. Plus that I use the section on the left to track monthly goals.

Weekly goals & planning

The weekly view I use to have a very high level overview of the week. I write down each thing that I’m going to do each day that either involve other people or going somewhere. Plus that in the same way I use the monthly pages to track monthly goals on the section to the left, I use the similar section on the weekly page to track weekly goals.

Daily pages

What I do with these is that I take a ruler and divide it into three sections. And then I write down all the most important things I want to get done today. Not any details but just the most important stuff. I consider what’s in there to have a due date and that I should really do my best to always get it done.

This planner works really well for my to kind of have a high level overview of things both at a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily level. And makes it really easy to plan. It isn’t really what I look at while I work most of the time. But it is what I look at when I refill my list of stuff I’m working at right now to make sure I focus on the most important things.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes