Studio Neat Material Dock Trio

2023-02-21 00:00

I’ve been trying to find a good solution to my charging setup for a while now. The short version is that it consist of: two magSafe pucks, one Apple Watch puck, one lightning cable, two micro USB, and one USB-C. Mostly there to cover anything smaller than an MacBook or iPad Pro.

What I wanted to start with was some kind of stand that covered at least the two MagSafe pucks and the Apple Watch puck. Because that is by far the stuff I use the most and would benefit the most from having something that kept it in place to avoid a cable mess.

At some point I saw that Studio Neat had a Trio” Material Dock in production. So I went on and ordered it.

After I got it and got it assembled I noticed a few things.

First of all, it made the cable mess a lot better over night. From being something I spent some time tidying most days to something I might not have to deal with most weeks.

Second. The upright charing stand for the iPhone is awesome. Because now I can leave my iPhone there and glance up to see if there are anything I need to deal with on the phone without having to get dragged into some app on it. Like I usually do if it is next to me.

I like this so much that I will most likely buy another upright charger stand to have at the office.

And I also like that i have a place where I always put my phone and AirPods when I’m at home.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes