The Magsafe Wallet

2023-02-28 00:00

Not really stationery, but I kind of include anything bag, carry, desk related as a part of what this blog is about.

I did not have any interest in this product when it came out, but a lot of life changes have occurred between then and now.

My aging Trove have moved from being my main wallet to a collection of all the cards I sometimes use that I keep in my bag.

I had been looking at various options for a new wallet for months when I started to consider this one seriously.

The Apple MagSafe wallet is this minimal wallet that attaches and detaches with magnets on the back of any iPhone that supports MagSafe. It fits three cards.

It is a product that is a really good, if you want to carry some cards together with your phone but really dislike how bulky most wallet phone cases” are, and can limit yourself to three cards. I usually carry two different VISA cards plus my drivers license / ID in mine. And sometimes I exchange one of the VISA cards for various customer loyalty cards for when I need them. This covers like 99% of what I need. And for the rare time when I need a bunch of different cards I just put the Trove with all of my cards in my bag.

There are two things I don’t love about this wallet. It is a little bit of a pain to get the cards out of it, and it is a little bit of a pain to put my phone in a pocket with tight jeans without it detaching. Other than that a great product if you can work within the 3 card limit.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes