Current notebook setup

2023-03-21 00:00

Hobonichi Cousin A5

  • Weekly pages: I use these to plan out the week and get an overview of how busy I am. This is very high level.
  • Daily pages: no details, but the very high level of the most important tasks of the day. Typically the stuff I really need to get done

Travelers Notebook

Lined refill, used as a commonplace journal.

Travelers Notebook Passport size

Dotgrid refill. This is my pocket notebook. Typically used to write down anything I need to remember or do when not near my other notebooks or with my daughter

Rhodia pads


I just use it to write notes or typically very detailed todo lists to manage my adhd


I draft all blog posts on them

Five Year Journal

This have been a Leuchtturm1917 during the last 2.5 years. I changed it to a Midori one in January

Theme System Journal

Something new I’m trying out. I like it this far as a way to see every day how I’m doing based on my goals. And having a 15 day window and then decide on new goals

The daily journal format is also interesting.

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