Bullet Journaling again?

2023-04-20 00:00

I’ve been very overwhelmed lately. The regular ADHD crap. So I decided to get back to using a bullet journal.

I used to have an digital bullet journal, but it just became this huge thing with way too much stuff in it.

So I have moved my system back to how it used to be. A big electronic database with everything. Then a analog bullet journal that I move things into. Usually never more than 5-15 pages of stuff at a time.

When I work I do my usual trick of just writing down the 5 next things I’m going to do and working from that. I just use the bullet journal to have more like the focus for the next 3-4 hours, while the list I’m working from is usually more like the next 5-30 minutes.

Another thing I started doing with my bullet journaling is that when I transition stuff over, usually every 2-3 days, I fill the first page with the following: my theme, 5 things I’m focusing on and my 5 main goals at the moment. This have been very important to keep me grounded and on target.

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