Appreciation for the Theme System Journal

2023-04-25 09:00

As I continue to use the journals I have developed a great appreciation of how flexible the structure is.

When you move beyond defining your theme and start making your daily themes and filling out the journal pages you can kind of do what ever is the right for you.

Like the daily themes can mostly just be used to track habits. There are 15 days and 14 themes per spread. But I have used them in many different ways while using the system since I got the first one in December last year. Sometimes I track two things per row by filling in a half for each, but usually I fill half if I did some but not enough.

And the journal pages are the thing I think has an amazing amount of flexibility. You just have four boxes. Two medium, one large and one small. In the start I used the small ones to review the day first one for personal and the second of work or my daughter. But slowly moved to write a bit good or bad about some of the daily themes or theme goals.

In the large I just write down anything that is on my mind in relation to the theme goals or the daily theme. And the small one I just write down what should be the most important for the following day.

This is what I have found is good for me right now. But there isn’t really a manual or rule book for how to use them. And that is the great thing.

It is really hard to make something that is flexible like this.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes