Nock Co Seed A5

2023-04-05 09:00

Another review of a product I love, that you most likely can’t buy anywhere.


Like I’ve mentioned in the past when I’ve written about Nock Co products I’ve gone back and forth a bunch of times on this, and I’ve decided to review all the products from them that I own because of how much I love and use them, even though the company are no longer active.

It seems like at least some of their products might be reborn at Rickshaw.

I’m happy to see that, because I really loved Nock Co for numerous reasons, but a big part of it is that it is one of the few pen accessory brands that had products at the time that fit my aesthetics. I’m not really into that whole hipster / grand dad leather look that most of it features.

The Seed is a notebook cover, I think it was available for various sizes of notebooks. I have the A5 size. And I have used it at various times for various different notebooks. It is usually used for something like a Bullet Journal or notebook I’m using for task management.

As of right now I’m using it, just brought it back for the first time since before the 2020 apocalypse.

The one I have is purple. The cover itself is made out of durable fabric like all of the Nock Co products. It has a very solid zipper to close it.

On the front of the outside you have a pocket. It is great for having a wallet or a pocket sized notebook. I sometimes also use it for having various pens and stuff in it.

On the inside you have two flaps where you can insert each of the cover openings. There is also a slot of index cards and two pen slots. I usually only use one of the pen slots in mine. Currently I have a Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal version 2 plus a Vanishing Point with a EF nib unit in it.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes