Task management system: the digital

2023-05-16 00:00

Let’s just get all the digital stuff out of the way since it kind of ties most of the analog stuff together.


I have a bunch of them, but the main one for me is an app called Drafts. I just throw anything into it. And try to process some of it each day, and reach the end of it at least a couple of times a month.

From there it usually is deleted or end up as notes or tasks somewhere.


I keep a bunch of digital calendars, most of them are repeating stuff just to get an overview of how things look. And the rest are either manually copied from the work calendars or the same stuff I add to my analog calendar. The main purpose of it is to get an overview of how busy I am and be notified about when meetings happen.


I use Things for tasks at the moment. It is just a big database of projects and tasks. A lage portion of it is stuff that are automatically generated at the start of each week and month.

I hide things I’m not currently focusing on.

The purpose of it is to have a place to store all the stuff I currently don’t want to have in my Bullet Journal, and when I run out of stuff in the BuJo I turn to things to populate it.

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