SenseBag 3 pen case

2023-07-18 00:00

I have no idea what this product is actually called. Seems like most places I can find it call it something else. The brand is senseBag” and they’re mad by a German company called transotype”.

I picked it up at my go to place to order stuff Tudos, I what I’m looking for there, if I can, because they’re located here in Norway. Nice to support local businesses, plus faster shipping and I don’t have to deal with import related things.

It was inexpensive and looked interesting.

It is just a really simple pen case, that can fit around three pens, less if you’re wide, more if they’re skinny. For me it usually ends up being 3. This is the kind of product I often use a lot, because there isn’t really anything fancy or amazing about it. It’s just made to do a thing and it does it well.

I’ll probably end up buying another one of these at some point.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes