Changes to how I bullet journal

2023-07-04 00:00

As I’ve been more and more needing to do more and more preparation work when ever I have the time to do it and not relying to have the time to do it as the day starts I’ve gradually migrated my bullet journaling setup to more fit within that.

At the moment I usually keep the same setup for a week before migrating it.

I still use the first two pages as a status thing for goals and such. Then I do daily pages, where I reserve 4 pages for each day, and then non day specific projects in a projects section at the end. Some of them are plain projects, while others are things I want to do each week, month etc.

Currently I like it, and it works well enough. And makes me focus on the daily. The way I use it is that I review the status page each day, then I do the checklist stuff I have pre populated each day with. And then I add more stuff to it after that as needed. And move on to projects when all the Day-page related stuff are done.

The setup entails more page waste than I prefer. But I haven’t really found anything analog that could fix that issue.

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