Planner rant

2023-10-13 00:00

There are a few things about planners that makes zero sense to me, that I just have accepted. And a few of them were brought back to my attention on a recent Pen Addiction. Not sure if it was on the one on the Relay or on the one you get access to if you are a member on the blog. Probably the latter.

The guest complained about how it makes zero sense that you have all the monthly pages in one section, and then the weekly in another and daily in a third. And I could not agree more.

When I was attempting to use a binder, but gave up on it partly because I didn’t like it that much. Might have liked it better with a Plotter, was to have a system where I just had a month spread, a week spread, a bunch of days and maybe the month/week spreads for the previous and next.

I get the complexities of doing it like this. But it would work so much better for me if my planner was organized chronological like this.

The guest on the show did their own layouts on plain notebooks, but my ADHD brain don’t have the time and focus to get into that.

I’d also love to have more planners that was much less than the entire year. When I work in my Hobonichi at the most I’m looking at:

  • Last/Current/Previous month/week
  • 5 days back
  • 5 days forward

But I’m always carrying 356 days of daily pages, 52 weeks of weekly pages and 12 months of monthly pages. This is a big part of why I’m going to go with an avec for next year to at least cut it in half.

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