Studio Neat: Panobook

2024-01-24 00:00

I’ve had this in use a few days at this point, and I really like it this far.

What I like about it is that it is a very wide notebook like the Panopad. But instead of being a huge post it like pad it is spiral bound notebook. Plus it is hardcover. These two details solves the three things about the Panopad that wasn’t ideal for me: hard to have two pages in progress at once, hard to move it between home and the office without messing up pages, and couldn’t write on it on the couch.

Other than that there is one thing I really like about it: the tear off is really great and doesn’t leave any left over paper in the ring. And two things I didn’t like as much: it isn’t as easy as I’d like to flip pages and I’d prefer if I could buy them without the slip case.

The slip case isn’t a big deal, but I just don’t like it when products come with packaging that isn’t necessary that is designed, that I’m just throwing out.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes