Hobonichi 2024 Setup

2024-02-01 00:00

I ended up with three Hobonichi notebooks for 2024

  • A5 Cousin Avec
  • A5 Notebook
  • A5 5 Year

This is about the first two

The notebook

I use this to track focus and goals, long term, short; plus weekly and monthly.

The planner

In the planner I use it for planning on different degrees of detail in the different pages they have.

  • Yearly overview: 6 months over two pages
  • Monthly: the month over two pages
  • Weekly: the week over two pages
  • Day: the day as a single page


On the yearly page I try to plan for things that span multiple months and put down really important things, typically just one per date. Some super high level goals too.


Here I go into more details, but not by a lot. At the most it is doubled.


Here I get into more details. I map put all the different things that happen on each day as I see them at the end of the week before. And keep it updated as I go.

It is a big part of making sure I don’t overcommit in a way that will drain me or similar.


The daily page I split into 4 sections with washing tape. One for events: these involve other people or me going somewhere, one for things that must or really should get done today. One for areas of focus and the last for work.

The areas of focus are ordered and I try to get all the stuff I put in there done or at least some work done on them.

When a day is over I use some stamps I got from JetPens to evaluate how the day went.

The rating system

  1. Orange star: great
  2. Blue panda: did my best
  3. Pink heart: need love

This system works great for me. And helps me think through stuff and set a focus for each day. Some days I focus on one thing. Like today the only thing was to transcribe this blog post and a few others from paper. Other days there are more.

Made with ❤️ in Bergen, Norway by Eivind Hjertnes