Hobonichi Daily Pages layout

2024-02-06 00:00

These are most likely the pages in my journal setup that change the most.

Currently I have them set up as follows.

  • I split them into 4 sections with a washitape grid, where the vertical one go more or less in the middle of the page and the horizontal is 2/3 down on the page.
  • The stop two sections are for Events” and Focus”.
  • While the bottom two are for Due” and Work”.
  • Events” is where I write an outline of the day to internalize how the day will be.
  • Focus” is important things that I should work on or complete. I try to write them in a way where it is obvious what I expected; how much progress etc.
  • Work” is for important work tasks
  • Due” is things I must get done on that day.

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