Theme System Post Series: Where I landed for now

2024-03-18 00:00

This is the system I have been on for a while now.


Let’s start with that.

  • I write a Theme, plus description, and 5-10 outcomes. Ideally closer to 5. That lasts 3 calendar months.
  • Then I do weekly Sub Themes. For them I define one goal for each outcome, and a Daily Action for each. The idea is to have a thing I can do often and reach the goal that in turn moves me closer to the outcome
  • I journal every day in relation to the Theme / Sub-Theme mainly about what worked, didn’t work and turn it into tasks that I can work on.
  • After each Sub-Theme and Theme I write a retrospective before deciding on the next one; I usually have a draft written before the retrospective and change it based on it


  • I use Chronicling for tracking the Actions
  • I write the daily journaling on paper in a lined refill in my passport sized Travelers Notebook. Because they have no long term value for me to keep around.
  • The retrospectives are currently being kept. It might change
  • The Themes and Sub Themes exist both digitally and analog; the analog version is in my A5 Hobonochi notebook that I use for all goal and focus tracking. I also keep a digital version to make it easy to look up.

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