Thinking more on binders

2024-05-09 00:00

I’ve been slowly looking into binders and disc bound systems since I dipped my toes in it last summer.

Back then, I didn’t really get into it because I wasn’t to fund of the binder I tried.

It is just a question of time before I try again with something higher quality.

But I know it would require some coordination for when I decide to try it again.

There are a bunch of things that I would have to get before I do it

  • A good hole puncher that can do a bunch of pages without it being fuzzy
  • Copier / Printer
  • Paper that I’d both be happy with the quality of that also works in a printer
  • Accessories like tabbed dividers etc

When I do this I know I’ll end up making my own planner inserts in some way. Plus A bunch of other stuff. Something that in reality means that I’m stopping carrying most of my notebooks and just having what I need for the next week in a binder instead of large A5 notebooks plus six months of planner pages etc.

At the moment I’m slowly trying to figure out what to try next. Because I know that anything cheap won’t work. Since that was where it broke down the last time.

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