Binders & the process up to here

2024-06-04 00:00

As I’ve been thinking a lot about using different notebooks for a year, I have tried a bunch of things, and it have been a process that haven’t really progressed to anywhere useful for me, except that I haven’t let the idea go.

What I have tried is

  • A cheap binder that I really didn’t enjoy using
  • To use a hardcover notebook with perforated pages.
  • To the different kinds of Rhodia pads with perforated pages.

I think the first could have worked out if it didn’t feel so cheap and was so much fiddling every time I opened the binder rings. And the Rhodia pads worked fine. But I really missed having a place to put pages when it wasn’t just fill it out, done, in the trash. Like weekly plans etc.

Something as dumb as a cover plus a clipboard could work. I’m still in a place where I would like to move to a place where I just have two notebooks in my daily carry. One A5, and one pocket sized.

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